Architectural Consulting

Architectural Consulting

    We make your project easier

    ARQMAT provides you with personalized ONLINE technical advice on materials completely FREE, guaranteeing the best choice of materials and furniture for each space of your project through high-end design.

    We have a team of highly trained architects for each product line who will help you carry out a complete analysis and review of your project so that from the comfort of your office, you can receive the best recommendations, the most effective solutions for your needs and continuous monitoring in the choice and purchase of your materials.

    Our goal is to support companies, architects, decorators, construction companies and individuals to discover new architectural materials quickly and efficiently.

    Advising you to choose the most suitable type of product regardless of your particular needs, the size or type of your project, we are convinced that an optimal design solution and high quality materials will help your company or business to create an image authentic.


    We provide our services to companies of all sizes, working on projects in the office, home, retail, hotels, hospitality, shopping centers, education, healthcare and industrial warehouses sectors.

    You can request a quote for products in the area you want, we will take care of giving you the best offers guaranteeing QUALITY and the lowest PRICES on the market.

    By working with ARQMAT, you will always receive:

    º Quality and transparency.
    º Space analysis and planning.
    º Design of custom construction solutions.
    º Efficient solutions that adapt to all types of buildings (rehabilitation works, large urban projects, emblematic buildings...)
    º A single point of contact that coordinates all resources.
    º A fully integrated design and advisory service.


    Do you have a project? An application? A proposal? We are ready to listen.
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