Commercial Guarantee

Commercial Guarantee

Have more peace of mind

ARQMAT guarantees that all its products follow a controlled process through rigorous tests and quality controls, which allow it to bear the CE mark used in any of our Internationally certified Architectural Materials and Furniture.

With quality as the backbone of our activity, at ARQMAT we develop a comprehensive service backed by all our European factories with continuous investment in R&D and training, as well as a rigorous internal and external evaluation system for all our products and services, endorsed by prestigious international certification bodies.

How to get a Guarantee?

The items purchased and related in this contract, based on Law 3/2014 that modifies Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 on Guarantees in the sale of Goods and consumption, are guaranteed in general, against any manufacturing defect or disagreement for a period of two years from the date of receipt of each of them, recognizing the customer's right to repair the item, its replacement, the price reduction and the termination of the contract. After the sixth month, the purchasing party must certify that the vices or defects detected had their origin on the date of delivery of the same.

To demand the guarantee, the presentation of the purchase invoice and delivery certificate received by your sales advisor is required, as well as a detailed report of the defects, by email to or to the consultant's email of assigned projects. The guarantee will only be valid at the delivery address of the order and will lose its value if the data on the invoice is altered, modified or replaced.

The guarantee does not cover displacements, nor deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, use or improper handling, incorrect installation not carried out by the official distributor or materials subject to wear due to normal use.

Certain normal characteristics of natural materials (marks on the skin, streaks, knots...) are not cause for complaint since they are characteristics of the product.

In the event that defects are identified at the time of receipt or installation of the purchased products, they must be clearly specified in the delivery certificate issued by Arqmat and notified.

The lack of customer observations at the time of delivery is equivalent to full compliance with the products received, except for hidden defects.


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